Streaming Music Service For Hotels


Best Hotel Music.

StoreStreams provides the best hotel music service that delivers custom music programming over the Internet directly to your hotel, casino or resort.  StoreStreams combines the power of music and messaging  to create that special ambiance that connects your hotel business to your customers.

StoreStreams offers affordable background music for hotel services that are personalized for your business. These services can include everything from custom muhttp://storestreams.comsic channels, informative messaging, and advertisements for your business.

StoreStreams Hotel Music For Casinos And Resorts

The StoreStreams provides complete hotel music services for your properties and is ideal for:

  • Hotel, Casino, or Resort Main Entrance and Lobby
  • Hotel, Casino, or Resort Restaurants
  • Hotel, Casino or Resort Bars
  • Hotel, Casino Or Resort Main Floors
  • Hotel, Casino or Resort Waiting Areas
  • Hotel, Casino or Resort Pool Areas
  • Hotel, Casino or Resort Shops

With StoreStreams delivering background music for your hotel, retail outlet, bars or restaurant locations is now simple and easy to do. The StoreStreams background music service offers hotel operators a complete, scalable music service that is 100% percent legal and legit.

It doesn’t matter if you have one location or thousands, StoreStreams has you covered at an affordable price you will love.

StoreStreams Business Music Systems

StoreStreams also offers equipment and software solutions that range from just the music subscription plan that is available from the StoreStreams website to a complete selection of  Amps, Speakers, and music system for your business. StoreStreams now offers nation wide installation services throughout the United States and Canada.

Streaming Music For Your Hospitality Business Now Available In The United States and Canada

The StoreStreams streaming music service for business is now available for U.S and Canadian Hotels, Resorts and Casinos. StoreStreams pays music royalties to  ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, Global Music Rights, Sound ExchangeSOCAN & RESOUND.

StoreStreams Hotel Music Service Offers:
  • music you know and love… today and yesterday hit radio
  • pre-programmed music channels
  • custom branded music channels
  • royalty reporting fully licensed music service
  • web based delivery on any smart phone, tablet or PC
  • playback media hardware solutions
  • complete in store audio solutions ” speakers, amps and play out hardware
A broadband internet connection is required

StoreStreams Background Music For Hotels. Get a Vibe Upgrade with the StoreStreams retail background music service